Laser Acupuncture


Laser acupuncture is a new method of stimulating acupuncture points using laser light. Red and infrared laser light promotes cell regeneration, reduction of inflammations, stimulation of peripheral blood circulation, reduction of oedema, increased collagen formation and activation of pain relieving substances.

The laser light is supplied by optical fibres to the laser needles, which are held in place at specific acupuncture points by special applicators. The needles do not penetrate the skin. A simultaneous stimulation of any combination of acupuncture points on the body, on the head and in the ear can be achieved in full accordance with the teachings of the classic acupuncture of Chinese Medicine.

This is a completely painless, non-invasive procedure, free from side-effects and therefore specially applicable for kids and adults with a phobia of needles.

A lot of physiological research and various clinical studies have proven the efficacy of laser needle acupuncture and have set a wide spectrum of indications for its use, especially in orthopedic diseases and pain syndromes, neurological diseases, dermatology and cosmetics.

Nevertheless, laser acupuncture has the same general indications and field of implementation as classical needle acupuncture.

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