Acupuncture treatment for hay fever


Days are getting longer and warmer, winter will be over soon.
We are looking forward to the coming spring, ready to enjoy all the colors and shapes of nature blossoming again.
Unfortunately, for a lot of people, spring can be a very difficult time: the nose is congested or running, followed by the tiring sneezing; eyes are itchy and running and might also be reddened, the throat is sore or itches as well. Mild headaches and fatigue are also often present, sometimes even asthma attacks.
Hay fever!

Acupuncture is used more and more frequently in the prevention and treatment of hay-fever and has proven itself in practice. It can help you to enjoy the spring with less worries.

In order to balance the body, to restore its normal self-defense properties, to support and strengthen the body, one should start acupuncture treatments before the hay fever season starts. If possible, the ideal time to start would be four to six weeks before the beginning of the pollen period. It will make the coming symptoms largely prevented or alleviated.

If the pollen season has started and the symptoms are already present, the goal of the treatment is to relieve the symptoms and restore normal mucosal function while strengthening the body and the body’s self-defense abilities.

If you would like more information about the treatment or would like to make an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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